Our Goals

Youth unemployment, which is always one of the most current problems in Europe, has also been primarily affected by the reflections of the Covid-19 crisis, which affects the whole world on a global basis. All segments of society, especially the public sector, private sector, and civil society, were affected by the process, and youth unemployment tended to increase, as can be seen in the analysis given above.

Countries have published many different support packages in order to find a solution to this problem. In order for all these supports to achieve concrete success, the participation of young people directly affected by the crisis and institutions working with young people in the policy-making processes and the coming together of all stakeholders working in the field and developing cooperation will play a key role.

Our project aims to establish a youth employment network across the EU in order to contribute to this cooperation. "Network For Youth Unemployment - NETYU" to be established with the project;
Target Group 1
Experienced youth workers working in the fields of employment, education, EU programs, entrepreneurship.
Target Group 2
Youth workers with limited experience who work or want to work in the fields of employment, education, EU programs, entrepreneurship:
First 3 months;
In this process, meetings will be held with our project partners via zoom.
The workshop contents of the project will be produced with the participation of all partners.