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Network For Youth Unemployment

In May 2020, 2 million 815 thousand individuals (under 25 years old) in the EU were reported to be unemployed. In May 2020, unemployment raised from 15.4% to 15.7% across the EU. Compared to April 2020, it is found that youth unemployment increased by 64.000 individuals. (Eurostat) According to ILO (International Labour Organization) data, the youth unemployment in Belgium in 2020 was 16.31%. (https://bit.ly/3ejUqpq) When it is considered that the numbers will continue to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, the data indicates that almost 1 in all 5 youth in our country is unemployed.

Youth unemployment which has always been the most current problem in Europe and Belgium was primarily affected at the global level with the reflections of the global COVID-19 crisis. All segments of the society including the public sector, private sector, and civil society was impacted by this process and youth unemployment tends to increase as given in the analysis above.

34 institution managers and 480 youth from 11 countries including EU and candidate countries participated in the study conducted on April-May 2020 by the European Development Network that includes some of the NETYU project partners.

According to this research, in terms of youth employment and related subjects:

In this process, EU Commission announced the “Youth Employment Support” package under the COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

In addition to that, Belgium announced a 4.3 billion Euro economic package. With this package, various supports such as reversing unemployment and tax adjournal were considered. For all these supports to achieve tangible success, the participation of the youth that directly impacted by the crisis and institutions that work with youth in the policy-making process and collaboration by gathering all stakeholders will play a crucial role. Our project aims for creating a youth employment network across the EU to contribute to this collaboration.